Bring Your Business To The 21st Century With Alexa

Amazon Alexa for Business


Analysts in 2018 estimated that around 25 million Echo smart speaker units were sold by Amazon. This year, they are expecting this number to double, along with the number of users engaging with Alexa, the speaker’s voice-activated AI personal assistant technology.  


In last year’s fourth quarter alone, Amazon announced that the Echo Dot has become their best-selling item, selling millions of units globally. This implies that millions more are engaging with Alexa, which is accessible through the Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Plus. 


But what do these figures mean for business owners? How can voice search technology impact local businesses? 

Alexa’s Impact on Local Businesses 

Every business owner aims to be visible to their customers, new and old alike. Doing so in the age of digital means optimizing your business for voice search 


While still relatively new, voice search is fast becoming a popular way of searching. It’s used more and more by younger consumers to find information on local businesses. In 2018 alone, 58% of consumers used voice search to look for information on a local business within the past year, while 46% used it for the same purpose daily. 


Alexa has several “skills” that can greatly benefit local businesses. It can manage emails, monitor your website’s status, and manage your schedules. Additionally, Alexa can help enhance productivity and optimize your meetings.  


One particularly useful feature is Alexa’s ability to initiate calls, which revolutionizes how customers find and interact with your business. With Alexa’s updated feature, users can find and contact local businesses using voice search technology. Users simply ask Alexa the number of a local business and then initiate a follow-up command to contact the establishment.  


Your business will be more accessible to voice search users if you have your information listed on a public database. Alexa works by finding a number using information gleaned from a search or a database and then connecting the user’s call to a local business. Alexa is capable of initiating calls as all Alexa apps are equipped with a number that can be used to facilitate outbound calls. 

Using Voice Search Technology to Rise Above the Competition 

Voice search is the next big SEO trend that can greatly impact local businesses. It helps small businesses gain traction by generating more traffic to their websites and even initiate in-store visits.  


Although it has yet to become the main mode of searching, it is becoming an increasingly useful, even indispensable tool for many individuals. Voice search technology is also continuously being developed and improved. Users will get varying results when using voice search compared to when they type in their inquiry. 


This means that local business owners will need to optimize their content and business for this medium to be able to better reach the growing number of individuals already using voice-activated AIs.  


Add your business to Amazon Alexa and let your customers find your business easily. Connect with Voice Command, become more visible to your target market, and start bringing your business to the 21st century.