What Is An Amazon Alexa Business Listing?

Amazon Alexa Business Listing


An amazon alexa business listing means your business information is accessible to Alexa. Your brand, store, or company's pertinent information such as business name, the industry, address, contact details, store hours, and website, among others, is listed in the directories that are accessed by Alexa. This can give your product or service a better chance of being found by potential customers.  

Why You Should Have Your Business Listed On Alexa 

Millions of Americans own a smart speaker and 58% of individuals have used voice search to find out more about a local business. A growing number of smartphone users are also using voice search to find more information about a product or service that they’re interested in.  


With local voice search gaining traction and with voice-activated AI assistants gaining popularity fast, Amazon has made some tweaks that can allow Alexa to keep up.  


In 2018, Amazon announced that Alexa has been upgraded and is now able to find and call local businesses for its users. Alexa has also been equipped with a number of other skills that can allow businesses to engage more efficiently with customers. 


Giving your customers easy access to your business can help drive company growth. With Alexa’s help, you can be reached by millions of Alexa devices across the globe, giving your business a bigger platform.  

How to Get Your Business Listed On Alexa

One effective way to get an Amazon Alexa business listing is through Voice Command 


We are a voice search listing management company that optimizes your business for voice search technology, ensuring that voice-activated AI platforms, like Alexa, will have access to up-to-date information about your company. It helps connect you to a growing number of individuals who are using voice search to find local businesses.  

Get to Know Alexa 

Alexa is Amazon’s AI voice assistant, accessible to any Alexa-enabled device, such as the Amazon Echo smart speakers. You’ve probably seen ads with users commanding Alexa to play music or to check the weather forecast.  


When it was first launched by Amazon, Alexa only had a handful of skills, but with the recent updates and continuous research and development done by Amazon, Alexa now has over 70,000 skills and can be accessible via a number of various Echo devices.  Developers can even build skills for it. 


In 2017, Alexa had 62% of the world’s market share for digital assistants. Google Assistant had 25% while Bixby, Cortana, and Siri had 13% of the market share. 


In 2019, Amazon sold 10.4 million units of smart speakers, indicating the growing number of smart speaker owners across the U.S. There is also an increasing number of individuals who use their Alexa-enable devices daily.  


Voice search technology is continuously being developed and refined. It will eventually become an integral part of how consumers conduct their searches. For local businesses, this means it’s time to be voice search ready. By having your business listed on Amazon Alexa via Voice Command, you can open your doors to more opportunities for growth.  


Get a business listing on Alexa here: https://voicecommand.net/pages/amazon-alexa-business-listing