Voice Search

Users perform searches by speaking aloud into a voice search technology instead of typing into a search field.

Voice Search Technology

Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, Bixby and more. These are the most prominent voice search technology that power the commonplace voice search devices people use to seek out information in a hands-free manner. Users can simply activate their voice search device with a vocal command and can then say whatever they’d like. Most voice search devices need an internet connection and a power source to work, but modern smartphones come with voice search capabilities that can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is a cellular or WIFI connection.

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How Voice Search
Impacts Your Business

A  2018 research study on voice search for local business identifies clearly the significant impact of this technology on local businesses. 

The top queries for voice searches are the nearest grocery stores, restaurants, food deliveries, clothing stores, and cafés. Thus, local businesses must take steps to ensure that they can be easily discovered by consumers in voice search results. Voice search technology is undoubtedly the future of information gathering and will impact all industries including local businesses. If you are a business owner, you must adapt to this technology.

What You Can Do To

Adapt To Voice Search Technology

As a business owner, you need to improve your online visibility. You must ensure that your business information is fully optimized on the major voice search platforms so that your customers can find your information when doing a voice search. This is essential in improving your customers’ experience and staying ahead of your competition.

When consumers ask a voice assistant, “Where should I eat lunch today?”, you want your restaurant to be featured in the top search results and be the one that the voice assistant recommends. For this to occur, it is critical to list your business on voice search.

Voice Command

Voice Command understands how important it is for local businesses to be visible in voice search results. That is why we strive to assist those who may be struggling to adapt to this steadily advancing technology. We offer Voice Plans that list your business information on the major voice assistants: Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, Bixby and more. Listing your business on these voice platforms will help your business obtain higher click-through rates and gain more customers as a result.