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Introducing our Voice Search Synchronizing Program

Voice search technology allows users to perform searches by speaking aloud instead of typing into a search field. Users can interact with a voice search from practically anywhere there's internet access and find the information they need whenever they want.

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Voice-Enabled Technology

Users want everything instantaneously, easy, and accurate. Over 58% of consumers researched a local business using voice search last year, from restaurants to home services companies. The reason voice search has been so successful in recent years is because mobile usage has increased and today’s consumer has changed.

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Most robust plan, including Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Bixby.

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187% higher
click-through rates with
personal assistant
search optimization vs.

Source: Ignite Visibility

50% of all search activity
will be conducted by voice in the year 2020.

Source: Forbes

58% of consumers researched a local business using voice search, in the last year.

Source: Forbes

Approximately $10.3 billion are lost each year just because of missing and inaccurate listings.

Source: Search Engine Journal

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With the influx of businesses who have an online presence, how will yours stand out from the competition? The need for voice search optimization is at its peak— this is the year infamously predicted by Forbes to mark 50% voice search adoption. Will you be a part of the movement? Call us today to help get your business found online!

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