Why You Should Add Your Business to Google Assistant

add your business to Google Assistant


Google Assistant is Google’s version of a voice-activated digital helper. Launched in 2016, it became one of the world’s leading virtual assistants because of its development and compatibility with a wide range of devices. It’s marketed as a ‘personal Google’ thanks to its various features 


The popularity of Assistant is expected to rise, making it important to leverage it for your business. This article will cover why you should add your business to Google Assistant and how best to do it. 

Reasons to Add Your Business to Google Assistant

  • Google Assistant is widely used

As of 2020, Google Assistant has nearly half a billion users around the world. People use it on their smart devices to do voice searches, listen to music, send texts and make calls. It can even be used to manage home and security systems. Adding your business to Google Assistant means bringing your brand’s presence to its wide audience.

Google Assistant devices


  • It can boost your web content’s traffic

You can make your content more visible and interactive in Google Assistant’s search results by publishing it as structured data. This can lead even more users to your website, giving your other web content much higher chances of getting discovered. Google Assistant can also display FAQs about your business, letting more potential customers know about what you offer.  


  • It increases your conversion rates

With the hands-free convenience Google Assistant offers, consumers can more easily use it to find nearby stores and make appointments. It’s more likely for them to buy products and services that are already available as a Google Assistant business listing.  


  • It is highly accessible

Google Assistant is ubiquitous in today’s digital era. It’s present in most Android smartphones and even in phone brands like Samsung and Apple. Because it’s spread far and wide across 80 countries and operates in 30 languages, your business has the potential to overcome borders and reach global prominence. 

How to Add Your Business to Google Assistant

Voice Command, a voice listing service, can add your business’ store location, contact details, website, and opening hours to Google Assistant. We can also add your information to all the other major voice assistantsApple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and Samsung Bixby. 


Adding your business to major voice assistants will increase your chances of getting discovered by people who voice search keywords related to your business! 


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