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    With all the ways voice search can be used, to which industry is voice search most relevant? We’ve listed the top eight industries that can greatly benefit from this technology. 
  • The Rise of Voice Assistants in Healthcare

    Around 153.6 million US adults used voice assistants on smartphones in 2019. Voice technology is seeping into nearly every industry, including healthcareAs a matter of fact, healthcare providers ardeploying all kinds of voice-enabled solutions to streamline operations and meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. 
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    Voice engine optimization is the future for online searches. This year, it is expected that 50% of searches will be done using voice technology. 
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  • Bring Your Business To The 21st Century With Alexa

    Analysts in 2018 estimated that around 25 million Echo smart speaker units were sold by Amazon. This year, they are expecting this number to double, along with the number of users engaging with Alexa, the speaker’s voice-activated AI personal assistant technology.  
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