Getting Your Salon Business Found On Voice Search

voice search


People are constantly searching for a salon near them, wherever they are, and with the emergence and rapid rise of voice search technology, you would want to ensure that your salon business can be found by Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, and other major voice assistants. 


If your salon has had an online presence for a while now, you would also know that it’s not easy to for your website to appear on the first page of search resultsSeveral brands invest a lot of money just to get to the top of the results list. Since voice search is a relatively new method for finding information, it’s best to take advantage of it before your big competitors do. 

The Difference Between Traditional and Voice Search 

Traditional search involves inputting search words by typing, then clicking the links that appear on search results. On the other hand, voice search only requires you to ask a question by speaking to a device that has voice search capabilities. 


Getting your business found online through traditional search you would need to set up a website centered on the keywords related to your business and employ strategies for ranking high on page results 


long tail keywords

However, getting your salon business found on voice search is quite different, and, because of the conversational nature of sending questions, the keywords are longer. These are known as “long-tail keywords”. Instead of using keywords like “salon near me,” users can ask something such as “what’s best hair salon in New York City with hand spa”. 


If the main keyword on your website is “hair salon Manhattan,” your long-tail key phrases may include those three words plus specific additions. A great example would be “Manhattan hair salon with expert stylist” or “Manhattan hair salon with professional make-up artist”.  


Also, besides your website being found by voice search technologies. Ensure your business details (industry, name, address, phone number, and store hours) are also easily found by listing these details directly onto voice search technologies.  

How to Get Your Salon Business Found on Voice Search 

Some of the main things to consider are: 

  • Setting up a website 
  • Placing long-tail keywords into your website’s content 
  • Listing your business details directly onto voice search technologies 


As voice technology evolves and its user base grows, it’s essential to ensure that your business is accessible through voice search! 


Continue strengthening your business’s online presence by making sure that your website has long tail keywords incorporated into its content and your business details are listed directly on voice search technologies.  


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