How To Optimize Your Business For Voice Search

How to optimize for voice search


Who doesn’t have a Siri, Google, or other smart assistant nowadays? Whether at home or on the go, more people are using smart speakers and mobile voice apps to find any information they need on the web. Firing questions and waiting for answers to be read back to you is faster and easier than having to type in queries and browsing through a long list of search results.  


This is why it’s important for businesses today to understand this technology and how voice search is changing SEO. Whatever business you have, you must adapt to changing consumer behavior and this includes optimizing your business for voice search. 

What is Voice Search? 

Voice search utilizes natural language processing to understand a statement or question posed by a user. It interprets and performs the action commanded, which can include anything from finding a business or service, answering a question, or placing an order. 


The results from voice search typically differ from text-based searches because of their difference in wording. In voice search, users speak in a natural conversational tone as opposed to short phrases keyed in when using text. This is why the mechanics for optimizing these two different search modes are a bit different. 


With more people using voice search, you must tweak your marketing campaign to ensure that your business gets featured on voice search. Doing so substantially increases the chances of customers finding your business, giving you a competitive advantage in your industry. 


Here are some tips on how to optimize for voice search.  

Voice Search SEO Tips for Businesses 

1. Get featured on voice search assistants 

    For Siri, Google, Cortana, or Bixby to feature your business information, they must be able to retrieve it from the voice search directories they can access. Make sure you have your updated business details available on all major directories.

    2. Optimize for local searches 

    Majority of voice searches are queries for businesses or products near a user, so optimize your site for local searches. Start by including your location in your website content, then increase your visibility in local listings by regularly updating your business details. 

    3. Use long-tail keywords 

    Instead of using just one to three keywords, incorporate longer tail keywords into your website to match the conversational language used in voice search. Having long-tail keyword phrases that complete typical questions in search queries increases your chances of getting featured as a top result. 

    4. Ensure fast website speed 

    Speed is essential in voice search where results must be instantly available. If your website takes too long to load, your site will be abandoned, and voice search goes to the next available information source. This increases your bounce rate and lowers your ranking. To help avoid this, optimize your site for mobile use and invest on increasing your loading speed. 

    5. Improve content 

    Another essential strategy employed in voice search SEO is improving your site content by using conversational language and publishing more long-form articles. Identify the usual verbal queries people use when searching for information in your niche and industry, and create content that provides answers to these questions using natural language. 

    6. Create an FAQ page 

    FAQs contain question keywords that make it easy for voice searches to pull content from your site. They help provide short and readable answers to questions consumers ask. Add FAQs to your blog posts and product pages, and include useful information that also piques customer interest. This encourages follow-up questions and helps increase your voice search ranking.  

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