The Top Eight Industries That Can Benefit From Voice Search Technology

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With recent innovations in technology, the use of voice search technology to find out more about local businesses, products, or services has grown significantly over the years. Initially a novelty when it was first launched in 2011, now consumers, business owners, and marketers are relying on voice search more and more. 


In 2018 alone, 58% of consumers used voice search to learn more about a local business, with 46% of these individuals using voice search daily and 28% using it at least once a week.  


Users commonly turn to voice search when making common queries, like getting a business’s address, directions, and contact details, each of which accounts for 45% of searches. Voice search is also used to look up operating hours and how far the location of a business is. 


With all the ways voice search can be used, to which industry is voice search most relevant? We’ve listed the top eight industries that can greatly benefit from this technology. 

The Top Eight Industries for Voice Search 

While every voice search can bring value to any type of industry, brick-and-mortar establishments that need higher visibility can benefit from it the most. 


  • Restaurants/Cafés (51%) 

  • Grocery Stores (41%) 

  • Food Delivery (35%) 

  • Clothing Stores (32%) 

  • Hotels/Bed & Breakfasts (30%) 

  • Doctors (28%) 

  • Pubs/Bars (27%) 

  • Hair/Beauty Services (26%) 

Users utilize voice search in a variety of waysIn 2018, 54% used voice search to make a reservation at a local restaurant, pub, or bar. Meanwhile, 46% searched using voice technology to find out the price of a product or service being offered by a local business, and 41% to determine what products or services a local business offeredAnother 40% use this technology to find out which items at a local establishment are in stock. For businesses like hair or beauty salons, 35% of consumers use voice search to book reservations. The same percentage utilize it for making medical appointments, while 30% of users turn to this technology to speak to a medical professional. 


From these numbers, it is evident that voice search is a useful tool for consumers who want to get more information about a local business.  With the trend moving toward voice search, your website should be able to deliver crucial information like prices, products, services, and contact specifics, all of which are popular query items for consumers. Adding an FAQ section can also help search engines pool data that can make you a better match when it comes to local searches.  


You can start by claiming your business listing on various voice search technology platformsTo enhance your listing, you should include accurate and updated company information, from your business name to your contact details.  


Voice search is here to stay. Be one step ahead of the competition by optimizing your business for voice search. A platform like Voice Command collects and syncs your business information so you can be visible on major voice search technology platforms like Siri, and Google Assistant, among others. Use voice search technology to your advantage and don’t get left behind by competition. Get in touch with a representative from Voice Command today.