Voice Search Trends that Will Dominate 2021

voice search trends


Speech recognition technology is developing at a pace that's exceeding human expectations. The ease of speaking over typing using devices is driving its popularityFurthermore, voice search technology can understand adult commands and questions 95% of the time. How will consumers and businesses harness voice search capabilities in the coming year? Let’s take a look at some voice search trends we expect to see in 2021. 

What voice search trends do we expect to see in 2021? 


  • Further reliance on mobile voice search  

Although a growing number of American households are buying smart speakers, the majority of voice searches are still expected to come from people on-the-go. They include people who ask for directions, about the weather, and other pieces of information using wearables or in-vehicle devices. Almost 40% of consumers use mobile devices for voice searches. 


  • Increase in voice-assisted local searches  

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More than half of consumers use voice-enabled devices to search for local businesses. These kinds of searches are expected to grow as startups and companies align their marketing strategies with this trend. 


  • Smart speaker adoption driving the rise of smart homes and establishments 

The smart speaker market is forecast to climb 23% annually until 2027, even as 27% of American adults use voice assistants to control their smart home devices monthly. The Smart Home Consumer Adoption Report 2020 already shows that 48.5% of U.S. adults own at least one smart home device that's not a smart speaker.  


It won't be surprising to see other settingsfrom dorms to senior homes and restaurants to corporate offices, using smart devices. 


  • Growth in voice-enabled shopping and brand-owned assistants 

44% of voice device owners use this technology for their weekly shopping. At the same time, companies are investing in voice assistants for in-store operations. Devices help customers locate products faster when visiting their physical stores. They also assist staff with answering shoppers’ questions about stocks and prices. 


Banks, carmakers, and healthcare firms have also begun developing their own digital assistants to support customer care management. 76% of companies say they've reaped "quantifiable benefits" from using voice assistants. 


  • Return of audio advertising 

Nearly half of consumers with speech-recognition devices say they want to receive promotional information and other tips from their brand via voice assistants. Amid this openness, the industry is expected to boost their audio advertising programs, with streaming audio and video services taking the lead. Industry insiders predict a 35% increase in digital audio revenue in 2021. 


  • Boom in voice bots versus message-based chatbots  

The 24-7 availability of chatbots and the way they can predict user needs through machine learning make them viable customer success tools. As they offer greater support for human customer care agents, companies are predicted to save 30% in customer relations expenses. Businesses are also forecasted to enjoy over 60% in sales growth with voicebot use. 

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