How to do SEO for Google Assistant

Google Assistant


Digital assistants are changing the way searches are performed online, with a focus on ease of use and convenience for their users.  


This makes it important to ensure your business is easily searchable by these assistants to allow you to reach more potential customers. One popularly used option is Google Assistant, tech giant Google’s version of Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.  

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant Logo

Google Assistant can be used to navigate both the Web and Android devices. Previously an extension of Google Now, Google Assistant features a wide range of voice control and can facilitate two-way conversations. 


Google Assistant has over 500 million monthly active users, a number that’s only expected to grow. Implementing Google Assistant SEO leverages this base and because it will help more prospective customers find you and discover what you have to offer. 

Ranking higher on Google Assistant

Because of its focus on convenience,  a digital assistant will very likely only give users the top result of a search. This makes ranking high on Google Assistant important, but it’s just as important to understand how users interact with digital assistants.  

1. Adjust keywords and phrases to spoken speech

Spoken searches are worded differently compared to searches that are typed into a computer. More specifically, spoken searches are often full sentences. To rank better on Google Assistant, research long-tailed keywords for your business such as “the best restaurant in <city>”. These kinds of keywords also have the advantage of having more relevant search traffic while not having as much competition.  

2. Prioritize local search

Digital assistant users often search for establishments that are nearby, making local searches especially important to optimize. As much as 50% of users who do local searches on their phones actually visit a physical store that same day, while 78% of local searches on mobile devices result in offline purchases.  


Optimizing local SEO tactics allows local searchers to find you more easily by establishing your business as a relevant result for digital assistants like Google Assistant. 

3. List your business on relevant review channels

review sites

You can also optimize your business for Google Assistant by ensuring that your business can be found where your audience goes to read reviews. Online reviews make up about 10% of the criteria Google uses to rank search results. Listing your business on relevant review channels and optimizing your presence by listing your location and gathering quality reviews helps Google Assistant rank you higher.  

List your business on popular voice assistant platforms

Over 2 billion individuals are currently using voice search to discover businesses around them. Listing your business on major voice assistant platforms allows you to tap into their user bases, optimizing your presence online to lead to increased conversions. 


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