• Understanding the Voice Search Interface & Why Your Business Needs to Adapt

    Learn how voice search interface works
  • Why You Need to Optimize Your Business for Voice Engines

    Voice engine optimization is the future for online searches. This year, it is expected that 50% of searches will be done using voice technology. 
  • How Voice Search Benefits Home Service Businesses in 2020

    Find out how voice search can benefit your home service business!
  • The Rise of In-Car Voice Assistants

    Here, we delve into the rise of in-car voice assistants and their impact on consumer behavior. 
  • New To Voice Search? Here Are Some Interesting Facts You Should Know

    If you’re relatively new to the concept of voice search, let us guide you through the basics and share some interesting voice search facts. 
  • What You Need To Know About Today’s Top Voice Assistants

    Meet the Voice Assistants. From looking up a local restaurant and placing a call to making reservations, these voice assistants can do more than delivering information. 

  • Why Getting Listed On Siri Is Good For Business

    Thanks to advancements in AI-powered voice recognition and the emerging trends in voice searches, Siri can be a very powerful tool for business growth. 
  • Bring Your Business To The 21st Century With Alexa

    Analysts in 2018 estimated that around 25 million Echo smart speaker units were sold by Amazon. This year, they are expecting this number to double, along with the number of users engaging with Alexa, the speaker’s voice-activated AI personal assistant technology.  
  • How Voice Search Impacts Restaurants

    What does voice search mean for the restaurant industry? Find out here. 
  • Para qué están utilizando sus clientes Búsqueda por voz

    La búsqueda por voz es una de las innovaciones tecnológicas convenientes que rápidamente llegaron a nuestros hogares y bolsillos. Con los asistentes de búsqueda por voz como Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant y Bixby, la búsqueda de información en línea es mucho más rápida y fácil.

  • Here’s Why You Should List Your Business on Voice Search

    Voice search technology and virtual assistants have become increasingly popular over the past few years. There has been a significant increase in the number of people who are using voice search to look up local businesses and goods. Several of them use the technology for making reservations in local restaurants or for finding products that are available from a local business.  
  • What Is An Amazon Alexa Business Listing?

    An amazon alexa business listing means your business information is accessible to Alexa. Your brand, store, or company's pertinent information such as business name, the industry, address, contact details, store hours, and website, among others, is listed in the directories that are accessed by Alexa. This can give your product or service a better chance of being found by potential customers.