How Voice Search Can Help Your Contractor Marketing

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Today’s customers often use voice search platforms to find the products and services they need. Professionals from all industries have followed the tide and are now using this technology to stand out in their field. If you’re a contractor, your business will likewise benefit from voice search. 

Why is voice search crucial for contractor marketing?

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To give you a closer look at the voice search market, 59% of individuals aged 30 to 43 years old use voice search platforms on a regular basis. A whopping 40% of all adults rely on voice search platforms every day.


Unfortunately, a recent study found that only 4% of businesses are voice search ready, which means a lot of businesses are missing out on thousands of potential customers.


Google’s search bar is still being used by many users online, but voice search is quickly becoming a prominent tool. Customers nowadays prefer to verbalize their search queries instead of spending time typing them out, and the words they type out typically differ from the words they speak aloud.


Voice search offers more convenience and a better customer experience over typing. Therefore, this is why, as a contractor, you should utilize voice search.


You can utilize voice search by getting a business listing on major voice assistants, such as Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, Bixby, and Cortana. This will allow customers to find your business via voice, which is much more convenient for them over typing.

How to use voice search in your contractor marketing strategy

1. Use long-tail keywords

As mentioned, voice search platforms work differently from the search bar. For voice search platforms to work to your advantage, you need to use keywords that mimic how people would normally speak. Keep in mind that people who conduct online searches with voice assistants are less likely to use formal phrases when looking for services online.

2. Know what your target audience needs

To really resonate with your target audience, it’s important to know exactly what they’re looking for. The content on your page must have your business’ complete details, and you should be able to answer any question they might have. A frequently asked questions (FAQs) page would help with this. Additionally, focus on making your content more conversational for voice assistants to pick them up more easily.

3. Focus on location-based content

Twenty-two percent of users on voice search platforms use voice search to find local businesses. As a contractor, it’s likely that your targeted audience are the customers nearest to you. Use phrases that indicate physical proximity, and couple your voice search strategy with your local SEO strategy.

4. Get a business listing on Voice Assistants

Voice assistants

Voice search is the future, and it will be a valuable addition to your contractor marketing strategy. With Voice Command, you can make your business more accessible to consumers across the Internet. Voice Command can help you get a business listing on all the major voice search platforms (Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, and more), making it easier for your customers to find you.