Unlocking Siri’s Features and Functions for Business Growth

Hey Siri


Siri has come a long way from its humble beginnings. It was but a simple task manager when it was first introduced to the world in 2010. Now, Siri is a voice-activated assistant, and it has the latest AI capabilities that put powerful features and functions within the palm of your hand. 


Siri can carry out a wide variety of commands. You can, for instance, tell Siri to open and use apps like Contacts, Messages, Safari, Maps, and Mail on your Apple devices.  


On top of executing commands, Siri’s machine-learning capabilities allow it to take stock of user behavior and preferences, and then use this information to provide recommendations. 


Due to its array of features, the voice-activated app receives more than 25 billion commands from Apple users on a daily basisThe commands come from a plethora of Apple devices, which include iPhones, Mac computers, fourth- to fifth-generation Apple TV sets, modern Apple Watches, the HomePod, and Airpods


To date, Siri is the most popular voice assistant among American smartphone users, with up to 45% of the market to itself  

Siri's Functions 

You can use Siri on your devices to do any of the following: 

1. Look up information 

Siri can provide you with the time, date, and weather. This doesn’t just apply to your current location, but to any place around the globe, too.  


If you’re traveling, you can use Siri to check gasoline rates, directions to your destination, traffic situation in a particular location, or your flight status 


Siri can also define and translate words in other languages and make


computations and measurement conversions.  


You can also ask Siri to search the Web. If you’re looking to eat out, or purchase an item at a store, you can look up businesses, their location, office hours, and more, through Siri. 

2. Help you organize and fulfill your daily tasks 

You can instruct Siri to wake you up and remind you about the activities you’ve scheduled for the day. Siri can also remind you about important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. You can use it to make a shopping list, set and cancel an appointment, or make reservations at a restaurant. 


You can also give instructions such as make calls, send and read text messages and emails, post messages on Facebook and Twitter, and take pictures. Siri can also take dictation, record voice messages, open and toggle settings, and turn on and connect to Wi-Fi. 

3. Operate your HomeKit accessories 

You can check on and control your cooling or heating system, security devices, lights, kettles, and other smart appliances at home using Siri. 

4. Provide entertainment 

You can tell Siri to play a song, update you about your favorite sports team, or give you a list of new movie releases. You can even ask Siri to tell you a joke or a bedtime story. 

How Siri Can Help Consumers Find Businesses 

Up to 50% of consumers are expected to switch to using voice searches by the end of 2020, with 74%  projected to use  voice search to look for a local business every week . 


Meanwhile, voice-based shopping and other transactions are forecast to hit $80 billion by 2023. That’s amid recent survey results showing that 47% of device owners tap virtual assistants for online purchases. Purchases of smart speakers are also expected to rise by 11% within the next five years.


Business owners can connect themselves to Siri users by getting their business information listed on Siri. By claiming your Siri business listing  and optimizing your website for voice search, Apple device owners can learn about your products and services, whether they're at home or on the go, and even if they're not yet ready to make a purchase decision. 

List Your Business On Siri With Voice Command 

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