Siri: Current Features and What iOS 15 Will Bring

Siri features


Siri continues to be one of America's top three voice assistants, holding the lead in the smartphone market in 2020. The Apple personal assistant processes 25 billion requests monthly on more than 500 million devices. During the company's regular product reveal after Labor Day in 2020, it announced that Siri can already answer questions better, as its knowledge base now contains 20 times more facts than it did in 2017. 

Siri’s Top Features

Siri smart speaker

You can use Siri to control your smart home appliances and smartphone. If you need to broadcast a message to your family, you can say "Hey Siri, intercom" or "Hey Siri, announce" followed by your message so your HomePod or other connected device can relay it.


Besides the ability to adjust your phone's settings, you can ask Siri to make calls, take pictures, as well as read SMS, email, and social media posts. You can also use it to record a voice reply or have it create social posts based on what you dictated. When needed, you can even get help hands-free by saying "Hey Siri, call emergency services" or "Hey Siri, call 911."  


Apple's virtual assistant is also a great tool for getting information on the weather, measurement conversions, nutritional data, business addresses, directions to an establishment, flight status, and so on. Siri can support your work and leisure needs, from setting up reminders and making to-do lists to updating you on your sports team's scores, playing your favorite music, and telling you about upcoming films.  

Siri Shortcuts App

First introduced in iOS 12, the improved Shortcuts app in iOS 14 allows you to automate one or a series of tasks. You can use Siri or tap the icon representing your customized app to activate your desired action.  


There are many ready-made shortcuts in the Shortcuts Gallery. Examples include asking directions home, putting your phone on do-not-disturb mode for a period of time, and turning on "Intelligent Power" to lower battery usage until you can connect your phone to a power source.  

Siri Enhancements

Siri updates

Apple unveiled new updates to Siri during the Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2020, when it also announced the rollout of the iOS 15 to the iPhone6 and other devices this fall season. 


  • Third-Party Access

The new operating system will give Siri access to non-Apple devices later this year, putting it at par with Alexa and Google Assistant. A HomePod or HomePod mini will still be required to relay the voice command to hardware belonging to Apple's MFI program for HomeKit accessories. The company has yet to specify compatible third-party brands. Apple also affirmed its support for the Matter smart home standard, which indicates that it may soon be able to work with other products that Alexa, Google, Assistant, and Samsung currently integrate with. 


  • Off-Line Operations and Privacy Updates

For iPhone XS and XR or newer models that have an A12 bionic processor, iOS 15 will allow Siri to fulfill certain tasks without an internet connection. This includes making calls, setting alarms and timers, adjusting phone settings, opening apps, and audio playback controls. The change is expected to allow for the quicker execution of commands. 


The update would also please the privacy-conscious. Apple used the slogan "Audio Never Leaves Device" in its WWDC presentation, assuring there'll no longer be voice transmission to Apple's servers. But, reports noted that the dictation feature will still require online access. 


"Mail Privacy Protection" is another new security feature that will hide a user's IP address and location details. However, it will prevent senders from knowing whether recipients have opened their emails. 


  • More Voice Options

Siri's English language users can now pick from two new male voices and two female voices. The more "natural-sounding" additions appear as "Voice 2" and "Voice 3." Siri beats Alexa and Google Assistant in the language department, as it can understand 21 languages, including English as well as some English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, German, and Dutch sub-languages. 


  • AirPods Maxi

Apple sold more than 100 million AirPods in 2020, putting it on top of the wireless earphones market that year. Users of second-generation Airpods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max will be able to hear notifications once iOS 15 goes live and they enable "Announce Notifications." After alerting you with a tone, Siri reads the message or just gives the sender's name if the message is long. 

Siri for Business

Siri for business

Given how voice-activated searches are expected to surpass typed searches, it's important to make your business found quickly by voice assistants. This includes being accessible to Siri users. Many Siri users use Siri to look up businesses' information. You can ensure Siri users can find your business by listing your information onto Siri. 


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