What You Need To Know About Today’s Top Voice Assistants

top voice assistants


Voice search is fast becoming one of the most popular modes of mobile search, falling closely behind the use of mobile browsers. Around 58% of users have used voice search to find out more about a local business.   


Voice search is done through the use of voice assistants. Voice assistants, like Apple’s Siri, have also grown in popularity, with Amazon taking up approximately 70-75% of the market share for smart speakers. With these facts in mind, let’s take a closer look at the most popular voice assistants and how they impact local businesses. 

Meet the Voice Assistants 

From looking up a local restaurant and placing a call to making reservations, these voice assistants can do more than delivering information.


Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, is a platform-wide feature that can be accessed siri voice assistantusing any Apple device. It is the most popular smartphone voice assistant. And with around 44% of users preferring to use this technology, it can help potential clients look up and connect with your business. 


Google Assistant 

A surprisingly versatile voice search AI, Google Assistant has taken up to 25% of Google Assistantthe digital assistant market sharestudy by Statista revealed that Google Assistant in comparison to the other major voice assistants has more accurate responsiveness on verbal prompts when it comes to commerce, navigation, general information, and local questions.  


Microsoft’s virtual assistant is particularly useful in obtaining directions or in cortana assistantsearching for a local business or service. It utilizes Bing to provide answers to user questions.  


Samsung’s very own virtual assistant, Bixby helps users maximize their device. Bixby assistantAside from being highly customizable, it can handle a wide range of basic and complex tasks, such as looking up facts and composing emails.  


With a growing percentage of individuals turning to voice search to look for local businesses on a daily basis, there’s no denying the impact of what being listed on every major voice search platform can do.  

Working with Voice Command 

In a marketplace that’s saturated with competition, it’s important for your business to stand out. By listing your business on the above mentioned voice search platforms, Voice Command can help your business establish a stronger online presence. 


Voice Command has a voice search product that cater to various business needs and types: 

All Platforms 

This generous plan helps your business become more visible, as it lists you on all five voice search platforms (Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, & Bixby). 


All of Voice Command’s plans don’t require an activation fee. Plus, you won’t have to worry about tie-ups or contracts.  


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