Voice Command Reviews

“Thanks to Voice Command, my company is being found on services like Google Assistant and Bixby, and my business has been booming ever since.”

 - Daytona S.,Yoga Studio Owner


“We now are properly listed with Siri and other voice search platforms, and it has made an enormous difference in the way that we are being found.”

- Jeff B., Cigar Shop Owner  

“I am now on Siri and Google, and I have attracted so much business through that method, it’s just wonderful. I would recommend it to anybody.”  

- Kathy P. Salon Owner

“When I came across Voice Command, it was such an exciting opportunity for me. It has allowed my business to make a very small investment in marketing and be on the same level as big companies.” 

- Zachary M., Massage Therapist


About Voice Command

Voice Command syncs your business information to Siri, Google Assistant, Bibxy, Cortana and other major voice search platforms.

The business's information they sync is your Name, Industry, Phone Number, Address, Store Hours, If you deliver, and more to major voice search platforms.

Visit https://voicecommand.net/ to learn more.