Why You Need to Optimize Your Business for Voice Engines

voice engine optimization


Voice engine optimization is the future for online searches. This year, it is expected that 50% of searches will be done using voice technology. It works in a similar way as your usual search engine does, but faster and more efficient. Voice search is growing in popularity because it’s a quicker option that allows users to conduct searches, do purchases, and find more information about a local business hands-free. 


It is also a useful tool that can become an important part of a brand’s digital marketing strategy, especially if you own a local business. More users are also more likely to follow up with an action, such as making an in-store visit, after conducting a voice search. So, how can you utilize voice engine optimization to grow your business?  

What is Voice Engine Optimization? 

Voice engine optimization, simply put, is voice-based search engine optimization that utilizes optimized content and information from online directories and websites for voice search results. 


Users are turning to voice search because it offers convenience. It is also a fun and novel way to accomplish daily tasks like checking the weather, creating reservations, and making a call. 20% of searches are being conducted by voice in the Google App, and 63% of smartphone users are more likely to make a purchase from businesses that optimize their service for voice search. 


What do these numbers mean for businesses? With the rise in the usage of voice search technology and how it changes the way consumers find and interact with brands, businesses will do well to adapt this new technology and stay ahead of the competition.   


Today, voice search research is continuously being conducted to further develop its capabilities. Google has improved its word recognition accuracy to make it easier for users to interact with the technology. The technology is also continuously being enhanced so that voice commands can be captured accurately.  

How Can You Apply Voice Engine Optimization for Your Business? 

27% of consumers use voice search technology to search for local businesses and 88% of them ask for driving directions after conducting a local voice search. Having your business listed on major voice search platforms like Google Assistant and Cortana can make your business more visible to a wider audience.  


Voice Listings can help give your business an advantage by syncing your business information across all the major voice search platforms, ensuring that your business details will show up on platforms like Siri, Bixby, and Cortana.  


When employing voice engine optimization, you need to put accurate information and fully optimize your listing. You need to make engaging with voice search more convenient for your customers. Like their traditional search engine counterparts, VEO utilizes accurate listings and optimized keywords, coupled with impeccable online review management. 


With today’s technology transforming at breakneck speed, voice search technology is here to stay. It’s being continuously improved to better cater to users. Make sure you give your business gets an edge over its competitors and start optimizing your content for voice search technology.