Here’s Why You Should List Your Business on Voice Search

how to list business on voice search


Voice search has become increasingly popular over the past few years. There has been a significant increase in the number of people who are using voice search to look up local businesses and goods. Several of them use the technology for making reservations in local restaurants or for finding products that are available from a local business.  


Voice search assistants, such as Siri, and Google Assistant, can help connect millions of users to local businesses across various industries. Being listed means your business is easier to find in a marketplace that’s saturated with similar companies. 

What are the Benefits of Being Listed on Voice Search? 

With 58% of consumers turning to voice search to find local businesses and 46% using voice search daily to learn more about them, there is a great opportunity for local entrepreneurs or companies to rethink their marketing strategies and adapt to the changing face of technology. Voice search is also being increasingly used to make online purchases by 62% of smart speaker owners, impacting online retailers.  


47% of smartphone users have used voice search technology to search for a business while 44% have used it to find out more about a product or a service. 


All these numbers indicate that having your business optimized for the voice search ecosystem can make your business more visible and reachable to countless smartphone and smart speaker users across the globe.   


If your business is listed on voice search, it can be recommended by voice platforms such as Siri, and Cortana whenever someone does a voice search for a particular niche that your business belongs to. All pertinent business information, from your address and contact details to operating hours, are presented to the customer.  


Being listed in sites and directories means having increased online citations, which can contribute to your business having a more established online presence. 


Consumers who use voice search typically take action that can benefit local businesses. Voice search technology can drive users to visit the website of a local business, thus, increasing website traffic. It can also prompt them to request a reservation at a restaurant, book an appointment for a service, visit the store in person, and make a direct purchase.  


Voice search can also help increase brand awareness as well as improve a business’s customer engagement.  

Voice Platforms 

Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby, and Cortana are the most popular voice platforms today. 



What is Voice Command? 

Voice Command is a voice search listing management company that lists your business across the five most popular voice search platforms (Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, & Bixby). Build your online presence by listing your business information on these major voice search platforms today! Just fill out your information, go through checkout, and a Voice Command specialist will be in touch with you shortly.  

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