Why Your Local Business Needs Voice Search

voice search


Voice assistants have radically transformed the way businesses are found and how they should market themselves. This is because voice assistants provide a convenient and hassle-free way of finding a specific store or searching for a specific product.  


People no longer want to be burdened with typing their searches on keyboards. They want to feel like they’re having a natural conversation with their mobile phones. 


In fact, voice search is steadily becoming one of the fastest-growing areas of consumer technology. With computers being able to hear, understand, and speak our language, it has become easier to communicate with them. And one of the most basic things we need our phones to do is to search for things for us.  


This is where you can leverage your business. Remember that the main goal is to attract clients to your store, whether that is physically going to it or checking out your website. Let’s look at some ways voice search can help strengthen your brand.   

local voice search example

Most local searches are done through voice 

Studies show that more people use voice assistants for local search. As the name suggests, local search is looking for stores that are within the user’s area. If you’re looking for a pizza store and you use your voice assistant to search for one, you’ll most likely be recommended pizza stores that are located nearby 


This is highly beneficial for local businesses that have yet to establish a big online presence. With voice search becoming the norm in how people find things, you need to be optimized to drive traffic to your store or your website. 

voice search car

Voice search is done on the go 

When you’re rushing to find something, you don’t have the time to key in a traditional search. This is why voice search has become more popular. People can simply speak to their phones and find whatever they need in real time.  


If your business caters to people who urgently need your service, this is something that you should keep in mind. People do a local voice search when they’re driving, catching the train, or are otherwise busy and can’t properly use their hands.  


Think about what your customers want and why they would need you. Being optimized for voice search will help you become more visible to the people who would want your service.  

Voice search is still a new technology  

Yes, it’s popular. But it’s still new, which means that there are a lot of companies that are not yet optimized for voice search. This is a gap that you can use to strengthen your brand, especially if you’re a smaller business.  


If you haven’t quite figured out how to use voice search to drive traffic to your store, then Voice Command can help. Our packages allow you to become more visible for all voice assistants, from Google Assistant to Apple’s Siri.