New To Voice Search? Here Are Some Interesting Facts You Should Know

voice search facts


Voice search is slowly gaining traction as one of the most widely used platforms for conducting web searches. People turn to voice search for its hands-free utility. Plus, searching via voice gives you results faster compared to typing a query.  


With over a billion searches being conducted monthly, it’s no wonder that an increasing number of individuals claim that voice search has become a part of their daily life.  


We’ve seen some incredible numbers circulating about voice search and its various uses, but what do all these voice search statistics mean for local business owners? How can voice search help boost local businesses? 


If you’re relatively new to the concept of voice search, let us guide you through the basics and share some interesting voice search facts. 

What is Voice Search? 

Voice search utilizes voice search AI assistants, such as Siri, and Cortana to conduct web searches and complete different tasks, ranging from basic operations, like looking up product information, to more complex ones, like drafting an email. You can even use it to set reminders, get directions, check flights, and shop. Voice search can also help you make calls and get a reservation at a local restaurant. 


People turn to voice search to look for deals and sales, check for events and activities, get customer service support, and learn more about a local business.  

Fun Facts about Voice Search 

Here are some interesting voice search facts: 


  • 13% of smart speaker owners use voice search via their smart speakers to look for a local business. With over 66 million Americans owning a smart speaker, there is a growing opportunity for voice search to be conducted frequently, even at home. 


  • With the advent of smartphones, searching via mobile devices (59% of searches) has become more popular than searching via desktop computers. Smartphone users are more likely to use voice search for local-based inquiries than use text-based searches.  


  • 34% of smartphone owners use voice search to find a local business, another 34% use it to look for more information about local companies. 51% of smartphone users worldwide use voice search to research on a product or service.  


  • 76% of voice search users use various platforms to look up local business and the majority of them utilize voice search daily. 

This can help increase traffic for local businesses, be it for their websites or physical stores, which can then translate to an increase in revenue.

Voice search technology is continuously being enhanced. Aside from the users themselves, business owners can benefit greatly from having their business optimized for voice search. With the fast-paced changes in commerce and technology, it’s good to take proactive steps to grow your online presence and evolve with the changing trends.  


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